Lesson about the filmmaker Marina Goldovskaya

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Note: This lesson is also bundled with the series of lessons on the films Solovky Power and Children of Ivan Kuzmich. If you download either or both of those series of lessons, you do not need to download this lesson as well.

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Lesson Title Authors Short Description
The Director and the Films Shannon Spasova, with Victoria Thorstensson, Benjamin Rifkin, Dianna Murphy

This lesson features an interview with Marina Goldovskaya, one of Russia's most prominent documentary filmmakers and a professor of documentary film at the University of California at Los Angeles.  The lesson introduces the filmmaker and her filmography, as well as the historical context of her films.  Students working through this lesson focus on word formation and intonation patterns. 
This lesson can be assigned on its own, or before students begin work on the series of lessons based on Goldovksaya’s films Children of Ivan Kuzmich and Solovky Power.

Recommended activity for students to print out and discuss in class:  Page 13/18.

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