Project Team

The RAILS lessons were created in 2003-06. The original project team, and their roles at the time were:

Principal investigator 
Benjamin Rifkin, formerly on the faculty of UW-Madison, now Professor of Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics at Hoftstra University

Project manager
Dianna Murphy, now director of the UW-Madison Language Institute and co-director, Russian Flagship Program

Project assistant
Shannon Donnally Quinn, now Assistant Professor of Russian and Technology Specialist, Michigan State University

Project assistant
Nina Familiant, now Lecturer in Russian University of of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Project assistant
Victoria Thorstensson, now Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages, Linguistics and Literatures, Nazarbaev University

Project assistant
Daria Vassina

2022 RAILS lessons updates

The RAILS lessons were updated in 2021-22 by Shannon Donnally Quinn, Michigan State University, with University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate students Lidia Gault and Isabella Palange.

Karen Evans-Romaine (UW-Madison), Dianna Murphy (UW-Madison), Benjamin Rifkin (Hofstra University), Victoria Thorstensson (Nazarbayev University), and Anna Tumarkin (UW-Madison) consulted on the updates.