Hosting RAILS Lessons

Institututions hosting the RAILS lessons agree to the terms of a licensing agreement for each series of lessons. (View sample.)

To obtain a license to download RAILS lessons to make available to instructors and students at your institutuion, click on the Lessons tab above, indicate the series of lessons that you are interested in licensing, then click on the link to request a license. The request will be reviewed and approved within 48 hours. You will receive a password, valid for 10 days, to download the lessons.

The RAILS lessons consist of HTML files with associated Flash (.swf) and other media (.mp3, .jpeg) files.

Each series of lessons is bundled in one zip file; all of the files for each lesson are located within one main directory. Institututions hosting the lessons simply download and unzip the files, move them to a secure web server, then link to the index.html file within each lesson directory from another web page on a course website or from a page in a course in a course management system.

Each series of lessons in bundled into a package to be downloaded. Each package includes:

  • a zip file containing all of the files for that series of lessons, organized by lesson

  • teachers guides for each lesson in the series

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